NativeReservation.One is a new social network venue for autonomous groups (who we like to call ‘tribes‘ ‘cos we’re Native around here). 

These tribes are groups of people who exist for a purpose, to meet the needs of the now and the future.

Whether that need is to have a chat online because you can’t meet in person, or whether it is to plan the next revolution, we’ve got a space for you!

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Maybe your real-life group can’t meet due to Covid. Maybe your tired of facebooks nannying and ad-bombardment of the group you’ve so carefully cultivated.

Maybe you’ve been cancelled by the ‘thought police / cancel culture,’ or have had enough of being tracked. 

Maybe your just looking for something a bit more interesting than your own echo chamber.

Or maybe you just want a ‘quiet place to socialise and speak freely’ away from trackers, ads, algorithms and the rest..

If so, then the Reservation has something to offer you. 

We are neither left nor right wing.

We do not welcome racism or sexism. 

We are Native. 

As natives, we know all races bring gifts and jewels to the crown of humanity.  

As Natives, we know both sexes are the original and ultimate team: it took both sexes to get the world to where it is, and it will take both sexes, working together, to get our species into the future we all know can be possible. 

As such, sexist, racist and hate groups are not welcome in our spaces.


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What ya got then, Natives?

We are an evolution of the social online experience.  We’re not the only one. But we are unique.

We Natives been around since the beginning of ‘computers in the home,’ way before the Wild Wild Web and we’ve been through all the stages leading up to todays  experience of socialising online: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we’ve brought what we’ve learned here, for you

What we’ve made with NativeReservation.One is like a ‘micro-nation’ that has all the online services you might need, most especially for those who have lost their voice or platform elsewhere for ludicrous reasons. 

Here, we’ve got room for you.  We know that it will take radical free speaking and thinking to both solve the problems of today, heal the wounds of the past, and find the building blocks of tomorrow. 

'Private' Social Features

Private Social Group with

Social Media Wall &

Group Forum(s)

Group Messaging

Group Zoom
from within the Reservation


A Private and undisturbed place for your group to hang out, or plan your empires (only kidding.. we’ve had enough of empires.)  No ads. No Trackers. No nannying spies over your shoulder.
The group wall is great for ‘short term banter and sharing,’ while the forum is a great place to hold your long-form and important conversations and plans, without them getting lost.
Easily send an inbox message to everyone in the group at once.
The integrated zoom feature is frankly awesoooome and allows you to connect, and feel connected in one place, instead of disembodied, disconnected zoom links in messages and emails.

'Public' Social Features

(the following require a ‘Reservation Pass,’ which grants you access to the Native Spaces.)

Enhance your presence with a blog and ‘pages’
Your blog can be private, for your group of friends, or it can feed into our aweeesssome Central Reservation Blog where others can vote and comment on blog pieces.

Access the Native Congresses (forums) to join in big discussions, and small

Access the Native Tribes (groups) to join in with like minded people for projects for great change or problem solving, or for light-heartedness

Access the Native Markets to buy, sell and advertise

Access Native Jobs to hire that skill you need, or tout yourself

Access the Kaleidoscope – a unique way to find the support and help you might need.

Access the Native Events Calendar, populated by the activities of our own professional members – join in classes, workshops and interactive podcasts. Join elite support groups and sign up for transformational programmes.


By ID’ing who gets access to our public spaces, we manage trolls and those whose shadow likes to use anonymity.  

This raises the quality of content and contribution, and encourages behaviour more like real life.  Which, while not ever perfect in any way, is certainly more measured than the ‘banshee-fest’ we see on general socials, where anonymity and the allowance of sexist and racist groups behaviour allows these places to descend into unpleasant places. 

We think we’ve found the solution.  We keep out all sexist and racist groups.  And, for now, membership is only by group affiliation.

Native Hosting

Forced online by covid, but not got the skill or headspace to setuo your own site? Alwys wanted your own site, but overwhelmed by tech? We’ve got your covered with a range of pre-built website hosting options.  Whether you’re a 121 kinda worker, or whether you need to publish full blown courses, or maybe you want a shop to sell your creations. We’ve a selection of pre-built options for you with a range of top-of-the-line premium plugins already cherry-picked and installed ready for you to ‘walk in and go,’ yes, even a full-blown online learning environment (you can have your own school mentioned in our ‘learners campus’ directory.)
Truly Secure Email
We also offer Native Email, where we’ve integrated one of the worlds top secure email platforms into our own ‘smoke-signals‘ mail server so you have your own totally encrypted secure  @nativereservation.one email addresses, or or premium package allow you to host your own domain name on a truly  secure mail system.



Half my grey hairs are from trying to work out web stuff when my skills are very much in other areas.  This service is to save you that.

Our offerings contain years of web publishing experience in terms of quality, useful, functional features that work, and plugins that save real time and bring real flair to your site. 

We hold this all in a hosted environment where we take care of the most weight of blocking attackers and hackers while you get on with seeing clients, publishing, selling and changing the world!

We’re quietly pleased to have such a secure mail offering to bring to you – genuine end-to-end secure email, accessed from right here within the Reservation! 

If you need true, encrypted secure email, look no further, and our offering includes an awesome @nativereservation.one email address!

home learning club

The home learning club is a self-contained sub-network within the Native Reservation that is for children.  

With child created, and made-for-child content, children get a real chance to explore social interaction, sharing and learning from and teaching each other while also getting access to learning from other skilled adults.

The older ones can even try their hand at having their own website and blog, just like Native Hosting for adults, but kiddie-scale.  


I don’t know any parent that isn’t worried about letting their kids on social media.  Yet they all clearly love looking over our shoulder to see what has us so engaged.  

The Home Learning Club is a child-run social network where there is safety from masquerading adults.  We use state of the art identity confirmation to verify that people are who they say they are, and that their kids are ‘real’!  

Native Reservation TV

We’ll be bringing 3 live streams of NativeTV in addition to a range of pre-recorded content of our own, and from around the net.

But YOU can also host and stream your own channel that you have full control of!  Once established you can go in our ‘NativeTV’ directory where other Natives can find you!  


Yet another independent internet tv station.. yes.  But its ours, with our chosen content having particular qualities of radical learning and innovation, embodiment, problem solving and healing, we are happy with that. 
We offer you to join us with your content, which we will happily pool with other member channels but you retain full control of your own channel account and content.