Welcome to the Native Reservation new member!

Find your way around and learn our ways using the links below.  

We hope to see you in the Tribes* some day, or even in Congress!*
*(these are our terms for ‘Groups’ and ‘Forums’) 

compass on a map has a lot to offer, but not everyone needs it all.  Some just want to stay in what we call Private Congress, which is just to stay within the group you joined with, to enjoy the peace and quiet (compared to ad bombardment and tracking elsewhere) for your online socialising now Covid has likely got in the way of the Real Life socialising for you.

You are welcome here , Private Native. Enjoy socialising with each other using our rich toolsets, use the group messaging and integrated zoom to stay in touch with everyone, while still keeping 1-2-1 contact with your closer connections.    

We are sure you will find the integrated experience here rewarding and hope to see you seek the Reservation Pass so we can see you in the Public Areas (public groups, forums and journal.)

Meanwhile, enjoy your time here, and enjoy the facilities with your group.  If you want to venture further – Read about the Reservation Pass below.

Private group features within NativeReservation.One
Interactive Map of the Reservation – coming soon being made right now!
Finding Your Way Around
The Reservation Pass
Native Services