Secure, Native, Email

£5.00 / month

100% secure, native, email.   10GB storage with your own email address  OR your own domain email, secured.  with 20 alias email addresses!





Get access to our secure Smoke Signals email server hosted by!

This is a premium secure email feature for people serious about privacy.

With 100% end-to-end encryption and a host of advanced email management features, we are pleased to be able to offer our Natives something that is outside the eyes of snoopers, trackers and hackers of all ilk.

Features  include:

– 10GB storage
– Your own  email address or
– your own domain email address, secured.
– unlimited secure calendars (shareable)
– 20 email aliases
– Native secure email phone app (hosted by Tutanota)
– 2 Factor Authentication
– Inbox rules
– ‘Out-of-Reservation’ auto replies
– Powered by 100% green energy



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