Reservation Pass

The Reservation Pass is one of our ways of looking after the quality of our spaces. It’s a vetting stage that every Native goes through to access the public areas.

The benefits include a lot of access to precious groups, conversations and plans, as well as our diary of events and access to Native Services and Goods from our members. We seek to take care of that.

Verifying the ID of everyone who seeks public access helps us keep the troll numbers manageable.

hand with ticket

To be transparent, in future, the Reservation Pass will be a charged item, further safeguarding the community and ensuring quality of contribution and connection. It will be priced around a cup of coffee. You can enjoy full usage as a true, fully featured free trial of unknown length.

You will be given notice before charging comes in though, and we hope you’ll see the benefits outweight the cost, especially when ‘free’ means ‘you’re the product’…