Terms of Service

NativeReservation.One is a private space for groups of individuals (‘tribes‘) to meet, connect, trade and share ideas and ventures. We offer a healthy space for everyone to enjoy their socialisations without spying, nannying or bombardment.

We also offer extra spaces and features to enable members to feel empowered enough to tackle the issues of their life, and of the greater challenges faced by humanity.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and any group, and to refuse entry to the Reservation so as to preserve the space identity, purpose and integrity of the space for the inhabitants. This means we reserve the right to terminate service if any user is deemed to be a threat to the Reservation, or others. ( and no, we don’t mean with your ideas, we mean with your conduct and treatment of others.)

This is not a ‘free-for-all’ like we’ve seen in other socials, it is a ‘gate-kept community’ that has arisen from seeing the results of the ‘free for all:’ The invasion of peoples spaces and groups by purpose-less trolls, the deplatforming efforts of immature groups of inexperienced people still processing their wounds, but taking it out on others freedoms to live and be, and think, and share, and plan.

The Native Reservation aims to be an evolution of the online social experience that learns from the past, and innovates for the future.

While we strive to be a truly Free Speech platform, being creatures of maturity and responsibility means we can’t watch more brothers and sisters not even notice their slippery slide into myopic extremism through careless speech and no accountability. As such, all groups will be vetted upon application as to their intent, purpose etc.

Radical Ideas are welcome. None of us know what is needed for the future, and we wish to foster a space that can innovate FOR the future by allowing freedoms of thought and speech. That said, hate groups, racist or sexist groups are not welcome here, for the reason that blaming another branch of humanity for ‘why things are not great for me’ is not the position progress or solutions can be found.

Such groups have homes and platforms elsewhere, but we strive to keep the reservation Free Speech by having a sense of the kind of speech and purpose one may be engaged in from outset. This does not mean we shirk from matters of race, sex or hate, but we address them in a mature way in our public spaces, while such private groups tend to be lacking in the necessary insight, experience, compassion and maturity necessary to truly address such sensitive issues in a progressive and meaningful (aka ‘helpful’ way.)

This does not mean that racists, sexists and haters can’t be found in the Native Reservation, of course they can! They are part of our human stage of development and so they will be here as members of the groups they are members of in real life, and they are truly welcome! Humans are all at different stages of insight and growth and being ‘imperfection’ is our natural state as we grow and learn. We support the fact that we all wobble on the journey to maturity and insight, and we all adopt funny positions at different times in our lives.

What we are limiting is the support, formation and fostering of groups of such ideologies in the Native Reservation. As such, all groups of a certain size will be ‘checked on’ every 6 months. The check is just that you have stayed reasonably true to the declared purpose and have not given a ‘smoke screen’ during application to cover for unwelcome activities.

‘Opinions are like arseholes… everyones got one, and everyone’s entitled to one’ Here at NR1, we think there is some wisdom in this old saying. So we allow for it. What we don’t do, is allow such to gather here. We hope you enjoy the fluidity of this policy. This is to enable such ideologies to enjoy their natural diffusion and natural empowerment and presence in our public spaces, without empowering a breeding ground of hate and bitterness like we’ve seen in other social medias.

Other than that…. enjoy the space! the connection! the freedom from spying! the freedom from trackers and inapproriate dopamine-draining ads!

A Native One